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The Gallery Montecito
1277 Coast Village Road
Montecito, CA 93108
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The mission of The Gallery Montecito is to merge artistic works with philanthropic endeavors and create non-profit events that join artists and patrons of the arts to benefit charities.  We welcome you to come visit “The Gallery Montecito” in Montecito, California to experience the current artists and help make a difference in the world and the community!

Currently at the Gallery

I am an adventure lifestyle and travel photographer based in BC, Canada. I have a big heart for nature and aspire to making a difference in preserving and protecting it with my photography. When venturing into the wild, I always take Luna with me; my trusty and beautiful natuered wolf companion. Together we love getting out into nature and photographing in remote and untouched locations to inspire a desire in others to both conserve and appreciate this beautiful world we live in." - Morgan Lee Alain

Photographer: Morgan Lee Alain