Patricia crosby hinds

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The art works of Patricia Crosby Hinds refer to a range of artistic experiences that reflect greater art movements since the mid-century.  The modes are inclusive of abstract expressionism, installations, hard edge geometric configurations, and collage.  Her early exposure was with the art of Mark Rothko and Paul Klee.  Although stylistic changes are apparent and ongoing, a distinguished personal style is always evident in her broad body of work, which combines both traditional and contemporary ideas.  

The main aesthetic material usage for Hinds is mixed media of acrylics, oil, pen and ink, plexiglass, photos, and bits of odd surfaces.  The works concurrently involved have the concerns of complex abstract structural forms with hard edge geometric overtones.  These are often softened by a more expressive use of color that often gives a spatial topographic effect. The collages have a fresh quality with images used in innovative ways that break into painted spaces combining subtle surreal transitions.  Varied media are used for overlays to create metaphors of thoughts that are provoked by shifting artistic shapes and surfaces. The artist has works in collections nationally and internationally and has had 26 one woman shows in Galleries and museums as well as over 50 group shows and collaborations.  

Patricia is from Lexington, Massachusetts and completed her undergraduate work at Russell Sage College.  Patricia has a M.F.A in Painting and Drawing from the University of Colorado and a M.A. from Chapman University.  Patricia Hinds is a Professor Emeritus of Art and resides in Montecito and Colorado with her husband, Bruce.

Patricia Crosby Hinds   Butterfly Beach, 2010   Mixed Media                     17 x 20 inches