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The Arts Mentorship Program

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True to its mission statement, The Gallery Montecito is creating an art event showcasing artwork with the philanthropic goal of raising monies to benefit ‘The Arts Mentorship Program‘ located in Santa Barbara.

The Arts Mentorship Program (AMP) was established in 2004 for the purpose of providing training, education, mentorship and financial assistance to young performing artists in the Santa Barbara area who may not otherwise have had the opportunity. Each year AMP’s programs directly serve over 2,500 low-income and at-risk youth and emerging artists in our community.

Hearts Therapeutic Equestrian Center

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Since 1985, Hearts Therapeutic Equestrian Center has taught individuals with physical, intellectual, and emotional disabilities in Santa Barbara to ride horses. For the past 30 years ‘Hearts‘ has used equine-assisted therapy to help individuals achieve significant, lasting and positive outcomes. ‘Hearts‘ has evolved to include Horsemanship Skills and a Veterans Program. Being able to merge artistic works with special events that join artists with patrons of the arts, to benefit charities, is the aim of The Gallery.

Past CHARITies

Davey's Voice

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Davey’s Voice is a charity established in honor of a severely abused puppy named Puppy Davey.  Founded by Gretchen Lieff and other animal advocates the charity is working to create awareness around animal suffering and hopes to empower the public to advocate for voiceless, abused, neglected and abandoned animals. Davey’s Voice supports projects and programs that promote animal welfare, reduce suffering, and save lives. Davey’s Voice advocates for harsher laws and stronger legislation against animal abuse.