Tom Mielko Drawing Commissions

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The Gallery Montecito in association with Davey’s Voice will host an exhibition of works by Tom Mielko and Robert Emmons.  As a part of this exhibition we are pleased to be able to offer our collectors the opportunity to commission a hand drawn portrait of your favorite canine by the acclaimed artist Tom Mielko.  A portion of the proceeds from these commissions will benefit Davey’s Voice.

Davey’s Voice is a charity established in honor of a severely abused puppy named Puppy Davey.  Founded by Gretchen Lieff and other animal advocates the charity is working to create awareness around animal suffering and hopes to empower the public to advocate for voiceless, abused, neglected and abandoned animals. Davey’s Voice supports projects and programs that promote animal welfare, reduce suffering, and save lives. Davey’s Voice advocates for harsher laws and stronger legislation against animal abuse.

Small portrait (12 x 16 inches):  $2800 - Large portrait (18 x 24 inches):  $3800

Tom Mielko     Farnsworth         Graphite on clayboard 12 x 16 inches

Tom Mielko           Piper                 Graphite on clayboard 12 x 16 inches